iPhone broken home button work-around

Full disclosure: I don’t actually have an iPhone. But my wife does (an iPhone 4), and most of my friends seem to, and I’ve seen quite a lot of those home buttons stop working, which pretty much renders the phone worthless and requires a new phone.

This happened to my wife, whose phone was not covered under Apple Care anymore, and she figured out a pretty amazing work-around that doesn’t require much actual working around. As it turns out, there is a setting on the phone to create a virtual home button that floats on the side of the screen and does the exact same thing as the home button! I was so impressed that I thought I should share, even though this isn’t the type of thing I usually discuss on this blog.

So, from my wife’s email to you, here are the instructions for how she did it:

1. Open Settings
2. Select ‘General’
3. Select ‘Accessibility’
4. Select ‘Assisstive touch’
5. Turn Assisstive touch on
6. Then a little circle will appear on your phone with a home button option. The circle can be positioned anywhere on your phone.

And that’s it – a simple and elegant solution that is a whole lot cheaper than $600 and doesn’t require any of the crazy antics of a lot of the works-arounds I’ve seen people using.

Hope that’s helpful!


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