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Calling All States: FCC Preemption of Intrastate ICC Rates

Well, my summer at PSN is over, and here is my summer opus.  It’s definitely my favorite of the many pieces I wrote, and I hope you enjoy it. Calling All States: Examining FCC Preemption of State Authority Over Intrastate … Continue reading

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This Band is Our Band: Spectrum Allocation and Community-Based Broadband

As part of my summer internship with the Progressive States Network, I wrote this paper exploring the how changes in spectrum allocation policy could affect the future of community-based broadband. There are cites and references posted after the article, but … Continue reading

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Who Owns the Media, and Does It Matter?

Here is a very lengthy study that I summarized in a one quick paragraph.  It was published as part of the Progressive States Network’s Research Roundup. Local Media Ownership and Media Quality — The Federal Communications Commission funded this statistical analysis of how … Continue reading

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